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WHO Team visits Daya General Hospital!

A team of WHO Officers (NPO-TB & Labs, WHO Country Officer for India) visited Daya General Hospital on June 17, 2024, to evaluate the implementation of the STEPS (System for TB Elimination in Private Sector) Model. This initiative is crucial in our ongoing efforts to combat tuberculosis effectively, especially in the private healthcare sector.

The visiting team included: Dr. Rakesh PS - Deputy Director, International Union Against TB and Lung Disease, Shreeja Nair - Senior Manager, The Union and Dr. Shibu Balakrishnan - NPO (TB Partnerships).

Their visit involved a comprehensive review of our TB program, and we are pleased to share that they provided positive feedback on our efforts. Their guidance will undoubtedly help us enhance our strategies and ensure better healthcare outcomes for our community.

Together, we can achieve a TB-free future!