Internal Medicine and Critical Care

Internal Medicine is the specialty dealing with prevention, diagnosis & treatment of adult diseases. In concert with the sub specialties, the department provides comprehensive care to patients ailing with multisystem diseases. The department of internal medicine is an ideal platform for patients requiring multiple specialist care as we evaluate the patient wholly and coordinate diagnostic and therapeutic services of multiple departments. The department is supported by latest laboratory and imaging services.

Critical care is an important specialty involving diagnosis and management of life-threatening illness which requires invasive monitoring. Critical Care is maintained through very specialized Intensive Care Unit, otherwise called Intensive Treatment Unit/Critical Care Unit. After initial stabilization at an emergency room, operation theatre or recovery room, patients are shifted to ICU. This department includes Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Critical care nurses and ICU Technicians.

Services and Facilities

  • 13 bedded closed multidisciplinary ICU and 8 bedded Surgical ICU for poly trauma & complicated surgical patients
  • 6 bedded high dependency unit
  • Toxicology & Snake bite unit for poisoning, drug over dosage & snake bite cases
  • Centralized monitoring system with distal eICU access to consultants
  • Bedside point of care ultrasound
  • Bedside bronchoscopy
  • ECMO facility
  • Haemodialysis & SLED, CRRT
  • Bedside ABG machine with co­oximetry as well as advanced parameters
  • Availability of best Clinical Microbiologist, ICU Physiotherapist, Clinical Pharmacist, ICU dietitian
  • Advanced ventilators and non invasive ventilators
  • Facility for end tidal carbon dioxide monitoring for all ICU beds
  • High flow nasal oxygen
  • Advanced haemodynamic monitoring with ultrasound & PPV
  • Enteral feeding pumps for fully programmed continuous feed using feeding bags
  • Intermittent pneumatic compression pumps for DVT prophylaxis
  • Core temperature monitoring for all beds
  • 2 isolation beds consist of One Negative pressure and One Positive Pressure
  • 1:1 critical care nurse ratio for sick and ventilated patients
  • Super specialty training centre in Critical Care Medicine
  • Holistic integrated patient centered care for sick patients
  • Round the clock coverage by critical care physicians & post graduate registrars
  • Point of care ultrasound, Ultrasound guided central venous access & hemodynamic optimization
  • Bronchoscopic guided BAL & Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  • Therapeutic hypothermia
  • Prone ventilation
Emergency Cases
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