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Reaching new heights: 10000 Cath Lab Procedures Completed

Daya Hospital commemorated the remarkable achievement of its Cardiology team as they successfully completed 10,000 cath lab procedures. Mr. Jayarajan K, the Administrator, delivered a warm welcome speech, acknowledging the team's dedication and hard work. Dr. V.K Abdul Azeez, Managing Director took the opportunity to express his appreciation for the exceptional teamwork displayed by the Cardiology department.

To honor their outstanding contributions, Dr. Ullas CS and Dr. Iqbal PT, both esteemed Senior Interventional Cardiologists, were presented with well-deserved mementos. Their exceptional expertise and commitment to patient care were recognized by the hospital. Dr. Sulthan Raslin Salih (Interventional Cardiologist) & the entire cardiology team was awarded a certificate of appreciation, highlighting their collective efforts and unwavering commitment to excellence. Mr. Abdul Jabbar M.M, the Director of Daya Hospital, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks. He expressed his deep appreciation for the Cardiology team's remarkable accomplishments.