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In cancer treatment patients are benefitted by minimal scar, reduced blood loss, early recovery, minimum wound-related complications, reduced hospital stay and complete clearance.

Robotic application is used in cancer affecting prostate, bladder, kidney, rectum, endometrium, cervix, oesophagus, mediastinal tumor, small wedge excision, metastatectomy, and lobectomy of lungs is being done. The advantage of robotic surgery is three-dimensional (3D) vision with magnification and stable operating field which aid the surgeon to visualize complex anatomical area and dissect carefully to minimize injury to critical structures to improve functional outcomes. Also enhanced dexterity and endo-wrist movement make dissection and lymphadenectomy better. Scaling of motion and improved ergonomics make prolonged procedures safe with improved accuracy. Because of these reasons, the patient will have better post-op recovery, improved functional outcomes without compromising the oncological principles.

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